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The More Friends, The Merrier!

The best community for your dearest ones

What’s good of a social network if we can’t make friends? We’ve created the Par Excellence Social Network for you to make lots of new friends, re-connect with old ones, share relationships about common interests or link with other members as professionals.

Your powerful search feature makes it easy for you to search friends of a specific criteria. Your social networking community also has a friend invite system where you can send out emails inviting your friends from your address book to participate in your social network.

Invite Friends System

add female userInvite your friends with Par Excellence Magazine's Invite System. Just add the email addresses from your address book into your profile and send out an invite to get more people you know participating into your brand new social networking community.


lockWe know how certain information is sensitive to you and you may not want to share those information with the public. Par Excellence Magazine understands this and offers the feature to hide information about you that you don’t want the public to know.

Choose Your Friends

usersGood friends light up your life, and therefore must be chosen carefully. With Par Excellence Magazine's Friends Approve system, you can choose who you want to be friends with by accepting or rejecting them to be in your circle.

Powerful Search Function

search businesswomanIf you are looking for members of your community that matches a certain criteria, our search function is powerful enough to produce the results. Let’s say you want to find female members of your community who graduated in the year 2002, use the search function and you’ll find your desired results!


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