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Thousands Of Social Networking Sites Out There

Make ours stand above the rest

Par Excellence Magazine's social networking community makes it easy for you to collect relevant data from our users. From the common profile such as High School and Hometown, you can ask users something more relevant to your group for example. Let's say you want to create a group of women owned law firms in Chicago. You can easily create custom questions that will collect useful information like what kind of law you practice, when did you graduate law school and so on.

Collect the data

add to databaseYou can then let your members find each other based on various criteria. This search feature would be useful especially when you are inviting members in Manhattan for a quarterly meetup, for example. Plus, you can use this information with our event management or a third party Friend Suggest feature to do some meetup magic!

Use it in many ways.

process acceptNot only does Par Excellence Magazine's social networking communitymakes it easy to ask all those questions but it also lets us define which questions are required and which are not. Our new sign ups will appreciate not being forced to fill up optional questions.

More Control

toolsA social networking site has to offer unique features to its members that keep them coming back. Our social network is easy to customize with unique features.

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