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The fun begins when you start to upload your photos. Our clean and fast photo uploader helps you to easily upload a bunch of photos at once. It automatically queue up the photos and upload them one by one. Your server will thank us for that. Uploaded photos will be shown up as thumbnails so you can easily check if you've missed any photo.

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users commentsViewing photos on Par Excellence is a pleasant experience, even when your Internet connection is slow. Thanks to AJAXified photo viewer, the next photo will be displayed without page reload. This will save bandwidth, use less server resource and it is much faster. You can tag your friends, wait for your friends to comment and reply to their comments.


office foldersUploaded photo can be arranged to your liking. How? Just drag and drop into the correct order and you are done. After that, don't forget to choose the best photo to be the album cover.

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