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Indulge in one-on-one communication

Private messaging exists on social networking sites for a reason: Members can do one-on-one private messaging.It is the simple way to send messages between members privately that similar to email.Private messages cannot be read by any members except for the person it was sent to.You and your members can send a private message to anyone within the community.

Members can send and receive private messages on a site; view messages sent and reply private messages.

View your private messages

mail receiveEach community member's personal inbox allows one to view and manage all communication with other community members, while not requiring that any member explicitly share their email addresses.

When a community member receives a new message, an alert will appear at the top of their community page after they login.The messages of your Inbox are only visible to you only.

Sent: View messages you sent

mail sendWhen you message someone, your message goes into his or her Inbox. There will be a notification on that person's community page.Meanwhile you copy of your message will be stored in the Sent folder for your own reference.

Write: Send / reply private messages

edit pageWhen you private message, your message can only be read by your selected recipient.To send or reply message, simply select recipient from your friend list on the right, fill in the subject line and your message.It is like email.


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