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Stream your recent community activity feeds in real time

Everyone loves to find out the up to the minutes’ activities on your community, such as latest wall posts, blog entries, comments, pictures, and videos shared by the members.

The Par Excellence Magazine's Community activity stream system summarizes and displays all activities on one page with links to all of the original items. While the system automatically summarizes the content for the activities to reduce redundancy, it allows you further customize your activity stream features such as aggregated activities and integrate with user points system.

Descriptive ActivitiesUser Points System

newsWhether it's a gorgeous photo or a funny reply, you will get a sneak peak of it. Current version of activity stream will tell you more about new comments, videos, photos or discussions posted so you can check the interesting ones or ignore rest.

User Points System

prize winner ribbon

One great way to encourage members participation is to reward members with points. Our user points system allow you to reward points to user activities, the more activities the user, the more points are being rewarded.

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