Business Golf For Women - Tips And Advice For Getting The Most Out Of Golf, For Business, Executive, And Career Women 

Golf For WomenRead our articles, tips and guidance on how to play golf for business and leisure purposes, learn about the best golf equipment,etiquette, fashion, apparel, resorts and courses.

Did you know golf as a business tool and for fun is on in the increase. In fact the fastest growing group of golfers is women.Business and executive women are using the game as businessmen did before them - for networking, for entertaining clients, and for making business deals right on the links.

Golf is the only sport that gives you four or five hours of uninterrupted time to talk to a potential business client or buyer and get to know him or her. That's why golf is such a useful skill for any businesswoman to acquire.

Any women who is serious about getting ahead in business needs to look at incorporating golf into her strategy for success. Playing business golf for women offers beautiful settings that are conducive to developing and deepening business relationships. You'll have the time to learn information and characteristics about each other that you might otherwise never have known.

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