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Executive Women AssociationsWomen’s Organizations: A Winning Proposition For Corporate Sponsorship

Are you aware that... The influence and power of women's associations to spread a company's message is awesome, and corporations are doing this in a variety of ways. They offer speakers and experts for events. They contribute articles to various publications and promotional materials put out by associations. They offer product samples or discounts on services to business members. For savvy corporate marketers, associations are places to explore business opportunities, diversify their supply chain, build reputation, and discuss ways to enhance the way business is done for all.

Corporate America is slowly waking up to the great business opportunities that exist through involvement with associations. And, the Internet is empowering women’s organizations like never before: women who used to barely register on the radar screens of corporate America now have the power of instant response and mass communication. Corporate marketers, communications leaders, and advertisers need to respond to their changing needs or risk losing a tremendous opportunity.