Book Reviews About Recently Published Books Released Here and Globally

book reviewIn this section our website visitors are encouraged to read our book reviews. We will provide you with a new book review as often as possible about recently published books released here and globally. 

About the Book Review Section of Par Excellence Magazine.com

Par Excellence Magazine does its best to coordinate efforts with, and be responsive to the needs of publishers, authors, and reviewers.  Book reviews are published free of charge. 

How Are Books Selected for Review?

Books will be chosen for their importance to our wide readership of career, executive, business, smart, and witty women in general! These will include both fiction and none fiction, edited collections of essays, reference works, and primary source materials. Other books may also be reviewed such as art history, archeology, architecture, international relations, travel, historical sociology, philosophy, self-help and of course romance!

If you desire to know more about having a book review published, or wish contact us for any reason, please feel free to do so by clicking on this "Contact Us" link.

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