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Whether it's your first stab at creating an online identity or if you're just looking to promote your business online, being on the ADvantage Marketplace can help you do that and more...

Find new customers by getting noticed

Being different is tough in an overcrowded marketplace. So what the ADvantage Marketplace does, is allow you as a business to be different and get noticed. Not only can you create an online identity through your ADvantage Marketplace listing but once it's live your products and services get featured in our ADvantage Marketplace section.

Content from your listing may occasionally be featured on other areas of our website, and the more often you update your directory listing, the more attention you get - both on our website and on external search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Promote your business using social media

The ADvantage Marketplace lets you showcase your products and services, but more importantly, your story. You can promote your business and tell your story on your ADvantage Marketplace listing using the social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and video.

Interact with your customers and other like-minded people

We believe people buy from people. The ADvantage Marketplace lets you connect with and build relationships with your customers or potential customers. Customer support doesn't get better than this.

You can also use your Social Networking Community to swap ideas, share expertise with other like-minded people plus meet potential business partners - so don't miss out!

Create an online identity if you don't have a website

If you don't already have an online identity - then what can we say, except - you're missing out! Now's a perfect time to take your business online and what better way than to join the ADvantage Marketplace and use tools like a blog (in the social networking section of the site) or videos to create an online identity for your business.

Frightened of the web? Don't worry, you don't need any technical expertise to set up a directory listing - all you need on hand is some information about yourself and your business, a few pictures or description of the product or services you want to sell, and you're ready to roll. It's very easy to join and set up your business profile.

Complement your existing website and enhance your online presence

Even if you already have an existing website, having a ADvantage Marketplace listing will add to it. Apart from using social media like Twitter, Facebook or videos to promote your business, it helps to increase your online exposure and ranking on search engine results pages such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Think about it, no agency costs, easy and timely to update - all at the click of a button! You can also drive traffic to your website via your website link and social media buttons - so think of your ADvantage Marketplace listing as the red carpet to your business or business website.

Promote your business online

Giving your customers what they want, when they want - to do business with and support women in business - is great for your business. You don't need additional software or expert knowledge to list your products or services.

We want to give you the best options for promoting your business in the ADvantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners - so don't miss out.

Heard enough? Why not sign up NOW. It's only a one-off investment of $79.00!

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