• plastic-surgery Cosmetic surgery is seen as a way to enhance or fix the physical aspects of ourselves we don't like


    Unfortunately an Australian study has highlighted that many women undergoing surgery do so without knowing what to expect or understanding the risks. The Australian study by health sociologist Rhian Parker from The Australian National University


  • dont-overload Are you stuck? Stuck trying to rework a project or looking for the "perfect" solution?


    Stuck searching for the latest brainstorm, new business idea, or product stream? Are you stuck waiting for that "light bulb moment" that will pull all of the pieces together in their rightful place? Well, so are a lot of other people. As a whole, we spend a


  • social-netIntroducing Par Excellence Magazine's Social Networking Community


    Find out what our community is made of. Social networking sites are enormously fun for you to expand your online relationships and network within a vibrant and thriving community!



  • woman-destressing-in-bath Do you have trouble sleeping or find it really hard to relax? Do you feel overwhelmed by people and things in your life?


    I am not surprised. Most people I coach are so stressed out they don't know whether they are coming or going. A lot of them sleep badly or not at all. Their eating habits are out of control.


  • Self-Love Why Self-Love Is Not Narcissism and confidence is a key element to empowerment


    If you can't speak up, take risks or all too often buckle under the opinions of others, your gifts and talents will likely never reach authentic expression. Let me say that confidence from the core, authentic self is what I am referring to. Not the "fake it 'till you


  • hoarding-newspapers Hoarding is not the same as being a slob


    Hoarding is not dirty dishes in the sink and a pile of unpaid bills or unread newspapers on the kitchen table. Hoarding is a condition where the debris and collected materials of an individual become so large and unmanageable that it affects their relationships with others, their health and their safety. The saddest part about hoarding is that the sufferer is often extremely resistant to any


  • diet-fruit-painting  already begun to lose weight, these tips will maximize your efforts and speed up results


    The bottom line is that one pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories. Whether you make slight changes to your diet or increase exercise levels, a deficit of 500 calories a day will lead to a loss of about a pound a week for you without really trying! Here are some tips


  • life-in-balance "More than anything else, I believe it's our decisions, not the conditions or our lives, that determine our destiny." -Tony Robbins


    What stops us from living in balance? We can easily come up with the everyday generic answers like, "Too little time, not enough money", "It takes money to make money!" "I'll rest when I retire


Wisdom & Wellbeing

Looking great is a must for most women - but feeling a million dollars and being healthy on the inside is just as important!


wisdom-wellbeingOur articles help you to understand all of the latest health, fitness wisdom advice and include health advice from female medics. We help you to understand the vision of mind-body wellness providing the most up-to-date information available on every aspect of women's health.

Some articles are an inspirational healthcare guide for women, combining the best traditional ideas about medicine with the most effective aspects of holistic healing. This new vision of women's health involves learning how to heal yourself by listening to your body's own wisdom, which will help all women move towards optimal health, wisdom and wellbeing. We hope they empower women to tune in to their inner wisdom and take charge of their health and the health of their families and friends

Increase Metabolism To Burn Fat While You Sleep

Written by Jim O'Connor. Posted in Exercise For Great Health


Boosting natural metabolism is a common goal most fitness minded individuals have


The big question is how to increase metabolism to the bodies most efficient output possible. A few basic steps can make such a big difference in turning your bodying into a fat burning inferno.

Imagine if you could easily turn your body from an effective fat storage machine into an emulsifying fat burning oven. Another words, you are able to burn more fat, at rest, without doing any additional exercise. To turn your body into a fat burning machine, and increase metabolism, all that is necessary is to follow a few simple natural metabolism boosters.

However, before we get into metabolism enhancers, it is important you fully understand what basal metabolic rate (BMR) really is. Your BMR is the amount of calories your body needs at rest to maintain normal bodily functions like a beating heart, maintenance of body temperature, and basic respiration. Your basal metabolic rate comprises about 60% of the total calories your body needs each, and every day. Thus, the more calories your body consumes at rest, the greater possibility of burning more unwanted body fat.

Rest Your Way Towards Better Workout Results

Written by James O'Connor. Posted in Exercise For Great Health

Rest-Your-Way-Towards-Better Health

Far too many workout warriors are not seeing the physical fitness program results they deserve


They think they are on the most effective, efficient workout plan possible; but they are only kidding themselves.

Take a quick glance around your fitness center. How many physiques actually do change? How many individuals look confused as they mill around from exercise to exercise working at 50% capacity? Honestly, how many people are simply wasting their valuable time in the gym?

If you are truthful, the answer is a whole lot of people. Most think they are on the best fitness program ever, but are really on an extremely ineffective, inefficient workout plan. The sad thing is they don't even realize it. It really does not have to be this way.

One of the most important aspects of any workout program is exercise intensity.

Especially in the world of strength training, intensity is a must for results. However, the newest fitness program buzzword is rest between  workouts. There is no such thing as overtraining, just under-resting.

Killer Weight Training Routine Secrets To Use

Written by James O'Connor. Posted in Exercise For Great Health


Your weight training routine will either reward you with excellent results, or totally break your heart


That is why it is important to be on the best strength training program possible that takes into account your personal goals .

Every weight lifting participant has an individual reason for wanting to be on a resistance training routine. Some want an increase in strength, power, and muscle size.

Others focus on muscle endurance, improving athleticism, or even improving their quality of life. As you can see, the reason people are on a weight training routine varies drastically. However, one aspect each of these participants have in common is a goal to improve.

Now for the unfortunate news. Most weight lifting workout routines are drastically flawed which leads to lack of weight training results. Why? Because of the strength training program fiction that riddles the fitness industry. It is very likely that some of the weight training routine principles you carry are severely flawed, and not backed by sound scientific studies. The result is poor workout program results.

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Written by James O'Connor. Posted in Exercise For Great Health


So How Do You Lose Belly Fat Fast? Or, Is There Even A Possible Way For Fast Weight Loss?


As a result of all the myths riddling the industry, the answer is more than simple.

So what exactly are the myths swirling around how to lose stomach fat?

First off, let's clear up some confusion. The stomach is an organ which sits inside your body. It is really belly fat, or abdominal adipose tissue that you are referring to, not stomach fat. However, I do realize you are referring to the extra fat on the mid-section.

Why Water Is Important: Your Practically Free Weight Loss Tool

Written by Dr. Emeka Okwuje. Posted in Exercise For Great Health


Every new diet program, book or weight-loss guru eventually mentions water, but only after touting their diet pill, weight loss supplement, program, book or own personal fabulousness.


They have the order backwards, I am afraid. Water is important to your weight-loss efforts, no matter what you are using, eating or doing.

In fact, water should be mentioned at the start, middle and end of every diet book and program, regardless of who wrote them or what they are suggesting. Yes, water is that important, Whether you want to lose twenty pounds or just stay healthy.

Quick! What is the difference between feeling thirsty and feeling hungry? It may be harder to tell than you think and you may be reaching for a snack when all you need is a nice, big glass of water. The feelings of thirst and hunger may be similar because they are similar signals; they are both ways for the body to tell the brain that there is a need.


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