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{actor} What do Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Vijay Singh and over 30 other of the top PGA, European PGA and LPGA tour players in the world have in... Show more

{actor} The myNEGM LESSON TEE Radio/Internet Show has a NEW TIME. WEDNESDAYS FROM 10-11AM ET......The show streams live each week at wnri.com AND... Show more

{actor} If you live in New England be sure to listen to the myNEGM LESSON TEE Radio/Internet Show tomorrow from 12:05-1PM ET. We are giving away two... Show more

{actor} Join me Wed 2/23 on the Show when stretching/conditioning expert with ELITE GOLF CENTER, Dawn Butterfield and Pro Jeff Dantas, owner,... Show more

{actor} Your mind is a terrible part of your game to overlook! More GOLF PROFILES are on the block tomorrow, one with a formal debrief with Dr... Show more

{actor} I was just admitted to the Golf Writers Association of America.
Guess I'd better get to work!

{actor} EARLY NOTICE to ParEx readers!

YOUR chance to WIN...a GOLF PROFILE ASSESSMENT on the LESSON TEE Internet/Radio Show...TODAY. TWO...
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{actor} what are friends for, were it not to get 'records' WRONG!....CORRECTION:Thad Daber, my guest on the Show Wednesday, has won the World One... Show more

{actor} World One Club Champ and old friend Thad Daber joins me Wed. 2/9 on the myNEGM LESSON TEE Show. Thad is a true student of the golf... Show more

{actor} Great interviews yesterday. Teacher of the year John Shelden and TOUR player Brad Adamonis! Join us online Wednesdays 12-1pm ET on THE... Show more

{actor} Join me on THE LESSON TEE Internet/Radio Show Wednesday, noon-1pm ET when my guest will be So. Cal PGA 2010 Teacher of the Year, John... Show more

{actor} Join me Wednesday, 1/26, on THE LESSON TEE Internet/Radio Show when my guest, Dr. Carol Gaffney, PhD and Sports Psychologist discusses how... Show more

{actor} DON'T MISS my interview with Kate Whitney, Teaching Professional and President of SWINGRITE LLC. The interview, while recorded in studio... Show more

{actor} Join Kate Whitney, President of the SWINGRITE COMPANY and teaching professional on THE LESSON TEE Internet/Radio Show, NOON-1pm ET,... Show more

Steve Riggs is friends with Dali Edwards

{actor} Mother Nature NOT happy with New England...Show may NOT go on tomorrow...check back later today to see if THE LESSON TEE is 'closed' due to... Show more