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They will hook into it

Successful social networks will have a tremendous growth in membership. New members will keep coming in and at some point, it becomes harder to interact with everyone. Groups to the rescue! With Groups you can recreate a smaller community and make it personal again. Since a group is made up of members who share the same interests, they will surely make an engaging bunch.

Public and Private

lockMake it public or private, it can be fun either way. Public group can be joined by any site members so this is perfect if you want to create a fan club of yourself. If you would like to create a secret society and plan a world take over, private group is what you are looking for. It allows you to hand pick your members.

Photos and Videos Inside

imageEach group can have their own Photo and Video gallery. You can share the media with your group members. As an admin, you can set to limit media sharing to admins only or open to all group members.

Wall Post and Discussion

note bookWall post is a general message board while discussion board is more to topic-specified discussion. These are the essential tools to keep your group active.

Republic of Power

keyAs an admin, you hold the power and responsibility to moderate all contents in your group. You can promote additional admins to help you with this great task. As an option, admins can be set to receive notification of new content or new join request.

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