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Smart Woman Securities - Empowering a New Generation of Female Investors

Written by Administrator. Posted in Profiles of Successful Career Women/Entrepreneurs

Smart Woman Securities logo

Interview with Stephanie Downey -- Leader and Founder of the Duke Chapter of Smart Woman Securities


Stephanie-Downey1. Tell us about yourself

Growing up with a single mother, I learned early on the importance of financial independence. I truly believe that every woman must have the ability to manage her own funds, not only for herself, but for her children. Mainly, access to money allows women the ability to leave unkind partners, protect themselves and their children legally, and open doors to better lives through education.

This idea stayed with me as I grew older, motivating me to do my best in school. Today, as a student at Duke University, I am pursuing a major in economics, a certificate in markets and management, and a minor in history (with a concentration in economic history).

One day during the fall semester of 2010, I stumbled upon a great opportunity to teach other female undergraduates basic financial literacy: Smart Woman Securities (SWS).

Svetlana Kim's Inspirational Journey in Search for the American Dream

Written by Administrator. Posted in Profiles of Successful Career Women/Entrepreneurs

Svetlana-KimSvetlana Kim's story reminds us that pursuing our dreams remains our most powerful path to success


Svetlana Kim is the author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, which chronicles her journey from Russia to the United States, where she arrived with only one dollar in her pocket and a few words of English at her disposal; today, she is a leader among her peers in the business world, and has been honored with numerous awards citing her commitment, skill, and integrity. 

Svetlana Kim reminds us that pursuing our dreams remains our most powerful path to success. Svetlana’s unlikely path takes her as a political refugee from Leningrad to NYC and beyond. Today, Svetlana (Lana) is an accomplished author, public speaker, founder of Svetlana Kim LLC, and active community advocate.

Kaira Rouda - Award-winning Entrepreneur, Marketer, Speaker and Author

Written by Administrator. Posted in Profiles of Successful Career Women/Entrepreneurs


"I find myself looking in the mirror and realizing with no uncertainty that I will continue to redefine my life, my brand and my work." -- Kaira Rouda

Kaira-RoudaKaira Rouda is an award-winning entrepreneur, marketer, speaker and author.

Kaira is the bestselling author of REAL YOU INCORPORATED: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs (Wiley), founder of numerous companies including Real You, and brand creator of Real Living Real Estate, the nation’s first women-focused real estate brand.

In late 2009, and with the help of a tweet, Kaira helped orchestrate the sale of Real Living to Brookfield Residential Property Services, a Toronto-based firm with approximately USD $90 billion of assets under management. Kaira remains brand strategist and consultant for the company.

Kaira's first novel, HERE, HOME, HOPE (Greenleaf Book Group) was published in May of 2011, and won a 2011 Indie Excellence Award for fiction.

Merav Knafo, Founder, Professional Joomla Extensions

Written by Administrator. Posted in Profiles of Successful Career Women/Entrepreneurs


An interview with Merav Knafo, Founder and CEO of


merav-knafo1. Tell us about your background

I started out as a web developer 10 years ago, as a software designer for my own companies: – a photography service for online daters and – a dating site network. I started using Mambo that then turned into Joomla  in 2005, and never looked back! 

In what project are you currently involved?

I spend most of my time on and some of it on and

2. Tell us about iJoomla and What inspired you to found iJoomla and

I started right after Joomla forked out of Mambo. I noticed many of the developers were doing Joomla apps as a hobby and I thought there could be a good opportunity to do it professionally.

Joanna Tong - International Speaker, Author and Founder of Bright-i

Written by Administrator. Posted in Profiles of Successful Career Women/Entrepreneurs


“I didn’t choose management; management chose me” 


Joanna_Tong_keynote_speakerTop executive turned international speaker and author, Joanna Tong founded the online business Bright-i that offers the best East-West blended business and leadership information in eBook and MP3 audio formats. Joanna gives presentation to international audiences at high-levels based on her book: Dragon Leadership: Eastern Wisdom for Modern CEO.

Joanna describes her career as colourful (no set formula), adventurous (full of surprises) and challenging (constant learning). Her achievement list looks pretty impressive: the first woman executive of a world-class performance venue, Director of £35 million economic regeneration projects, Winner of the first-ever North West Women Achievement Award and Radio presenter at BBC Manchester. She said modestly, “I didn’t choose management; management chose me.” Is she the woman who has it all?

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