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The Most Common Golf Shots Explained

Written by Ben Shepard. Posted in Learning To Play Golf

the most common golf shots explained

Golf Shots In General Can Be Categorised Into The Following Types Of Shots:



Any ball struck from the fairway to the green is termed an approach shot. Usually this is taken with an appropriate iron for the distance required.


A golf shot naturally played from very close to the green, without using a full swing and are usually played with a 6-, 7-, 8- or 9-iron or pitching wedge. They are normally engaged as short approach or distance lay-up shot, or a shot to get the ball out of a hazard.


A shot that occurs when a right-handed player curves the ball to travel from right to left. This golf shot is often played intentionally by skilled golfers. When a shot has too many draws or draws unintentionally it is referred to as a hook.


A shot usually taken from the tee, but in some circumstances can be taken from the fairway. The purpose of the drive shot is to move the golf ball the greatest distance possible towards the green. An amateur golfer may drive the ball 200-250 yards with professional golfers achieving drives of 300 yards or more. A driver is the farthest hitting club and is also known as a wood.


This is the opposite of a draw where a right-handed player shapes the ball to travel from left to right. A left-handed player fades a ball from right to left. Too much fade or unintentional fade is known as a slice. A slice is the most common problem for recreational golfers. A ball can also be hit badly during a swing, resulting in a poor and often embarrassing shot: However, a fade is often a shot played intentionally and is even the preferred ball flight for some of the best golfers in the world.


A shot which occurs when the club hits the ground before the ball resulting in digging up a lot of turf and taking the power out of the shot, and the ball does not travel the desired distance. The fat shot is the opposite of thin shot. A thin shot might be played intentionally by an experienced player, a fat shot is never and the results are hardly ever good quality.


The flop shot is a high shot that lands softly onto the green. The ball takes a very high arced trajectory compared to the distance it travels forwards. Flop shots are used when the player requires the ball to stop swiftly upon hitting the ground.


The purpose of a lay-up is to leave the ball in a good position to make the present shot safer or the next shot easier to take. An example would be if there was a water hazard between the fairway and the green, a player might lay-up on the fairway near the water hazard to avoid incurring a penalty by landing in the water, and take a second shot from there to land on green. Lay up shots are a common factor in good course management.


This shot is frequently used in windy conditions, to keep the route of the shot lower than usual. The ball is played farther back in the stance with a shorter follow-through. The player often chokes down on the club that is used. This is when a golfer looses his nerve and therefore, plays an important or hard shot badly.


A shot played on the green, usually with a putter. This is a short distance shot intended to roll the ball along the ground into a hole and is usually performed on the green.. Accurate putting can often make or break a round of golf.


This occurs when a golfer hits the ball with the heel of a golf club other than the club face. This will cause the ball to radically swerve off to the right for a right-handed player or the left for a left-handed player. A shank is one of the worst miss-hits in golf; in fact, many golfers don't even like saying the word out loud.


(Thin shot) a poor shot when the club hits the ball above its horizontal centre, resulting in a shallow flight path. How severe the top is determines how far the ball will go.



The most important thing about learning golf is the spirit of wanting to know and learn more about the golf. After all, there are many outlets that may have the best golf tips for you. Ben Shepard would like to recommend Masters Golf Secrets that features tips and advise for the beginner as well as the seasoned golfer.


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