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Easter Is A Fast Growing Holiday for Gift Purchases

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New Unity Marketing report shows Easter is gaining in importance as a gifting holiday and how marketers can tap new opportunities in the year-round gifting market

Easter Is A Fast Growing Holiday for Gift Purchases

The spring flowers are emerging from the ground and Christmas seems far behind us, but that doesn't mean retailers can forget about stocking gift items until the weather turns cold again. Gifting has become an important part of a marketer's revenue stream, and a new report on the gifting market from Unity Marketingshows thatEaster isthenext big gifting opportunity -- if you know what to offer and who to target.

"Although no holiday rises to the gifting magnitude of Christmas, our research shows that Easter is growing in importance in theyear-long gifting landscape," says Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing and author of the The Gifting Report 2012: The Ultimate Guide to the Consumer Gift-Giving Market.

>>Easter follows Halloween as being the fastest-growing gift holiday as measured by consumer spending

The latest report shows that gifting consumersspent 24 percent more on Easter gifts than they did just two years ago. That makes Easter the second fastest growing gifting holiday after Halloween.  And, since the number of recipients bought for during this holiday has remained stable at around three, that means overall spending on the gifts bought for Easter is up.

"Easter is a holiday often celebrated with gifts forkids," says Danziger. "This focus on children largely drives the list of other popular gifts, which includes consumables like chocolate, books and toys, and giftables. These types of Easter gifts remain staples for retailers hoping to attract gifters for this holiday season."

However, Danziger has also identified a smaller but important segment of gifters who buy for their spouses, significant others, and other adults. The list of otherimportant Easter gifts reflects this population.  For example, three of the fastest-growing gift categories for Easter -- consumables, especially popular gift choices like wine and coffee gifts; clothing and fashion accessories and personal care products -- are not necessarily associated with children.

"Succeeding in the gifting marketplace is not just about understanding the evergreen segments of the marketplace, such as those who buy children chocolate bunnies at Easter. It also requires digging deeper into the behavior of gifting consumers to discover who else is a likely gift recipient and what items should be in stock to satisfy these gifting needs, " Danziger explains.

The Gifting Report 2012: The Ultimate Guide to the Consumer Gift-Giving Market contains detailed data like this on all important gifting holidays and occasions, tracking trends and changes in consumer behavior over the years. This is the report marketers and retailers need to stay ahead of the curve on spending patterns, gift recipients, and gift choices.

Take Action>> Understand Your Customers' Gifting Behaviors

Building upon previous research conducted on the gifting market, The Gifting Report 2012 presents an expanded view of consumers' gift buying and giving behavior based upon a survey of 1,939 gift buyers conducted in January 2012.  By comparing the current results with those from a similar survey conducted in January 2010 provide tracking of key trends in the gifting market.  Intended for marketers and retailers that tap the gift market, this report presents:

  • Gifting behavior by holiday and occasion: Key characteristics of the gifting market, such as on what holidays and occasions consumers buy gifts, how many people they buy gifts for and their relationship with the gift recipient, such as spouse, child, close family member, etc. and how much they spend. This report also reveals what range of products people choose for gifts, what drives their selection of particular gifts and what drives their selection of stores to shop for gifts.
  • Demographics of the gifting market: How many households buy gifts, how much they spend by key demographics, and the key different demographic segments within the gifts market (e.g. HHI, age, size, composition, education, etc.)
  • Gifts market buying behavior: What are the primary characteristics of the consumers' buying behavior related to different gifts? What makes a good gift? What attributes and qualities make gifters want to buy? Where do they shop for these items; how do they decide to purchase one item over another? What is the role of brand in gifting buying behavior? What is the purchase incidence and spending on key categories of gifts?
  • Psychographic profile and segmentation of the gifting market: The psychographic profile of gift consumers reveals their different drives and motivations in purchasing gifts. What factors are more or less important in driving gift purchasing decisions? How can gifts marketers and retailers better understand the hearts and minds of their consumers and use that insight to capture a greater share of the consumers' gifting budget? In essence we reveal "why people buy gifts."

This report includes brand new gift data including:

  • Deep dive into Christmas gift and Birthday gift buying behavior:Detail data is collected aboutgifts bought for Christmas and birthday gift giving -- the top gifting holiday and occasion -- plus where people shopped for each of those gifts. This data allows marketers to determine whether people's shopping behavior is different for these two most important gift shopping experiences and the other gift holidays and occasions throughout the year.
  • Gift choices ranked as 'go to' gift category: Data is collected about 10 different gift categories, such as personal care items, giftables, consumables, electronics and more and nearly 100 individual product and experience categories, such as candles, DVDs, women's fine jewelry, kitchenware and more. Further each of the ten categories is ranked as to whether it is one's favorite 'go to' gift category, good for most people and most occasions; appropriate for some people and some occasions only; or something consumers rarely or ever gift as a gift.
  • Types of stores ranked as their 'go to' source for gift shopping: Nearly 40 different types of stores and other shopping venues are tracked in this report, broken into three major categories of shopping venues: General merchandise stores; nonstore retailers, internet, catalogs, TV shopping, etc.; and specialty retailers, including book stores, food stores, drug stores, electronics store and many others. And each of the 38 stores included in this report are ranked by  respondents as either their 'go to' destination for gift purchases; appropriate only for occasions and some people; and stores where one rarely shops for gifts.
  • Internet as a source for gift shopping: For those respondents who had used the internet to buy gifts in the past year, an additional series of questions were included to gather more details about how they used the internet and their satisfaction in using the internet for gift shopping. A list of websites were rated as a source for gifts as well.

Click this linkto learn more or to order a copy of The Gifting Report 2012.

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Pamela Danzinger

Pamela Danzinger

Pamela N. Danziger is an internationally recognized expert specializing in consumer insights for marketers targeting the affluent consumer segment. She is president of Unity Marketing, a boutique marketing consulting firm she founded in 1992. Pam received the Global Luxury Award for top luxury industry achievers presented at the Global Luxury Forum in 2007 by Harper's Bazaar.

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