Gifting Marketers: This Father's Day, Do Something Different for Dad

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 Gifting Marketers: This Father's Day, Do Something Different for Dad

Unity Marketing urges marketers not to think of Father's Day as a 'Male Mother's Day'

May 31, 2012 Stevens, PA -- Poor ol' Dad. He has to wait for June to celebrate his day after the fanfare of Mother's Day in May. But word of warning to marketers: don't make those who give him gifts the target of a marketing approach that makes Father's Day the male version of Mother's Day. Instead, take the time to understand the gifts that are really in demand for this holiday.

"It is tempting to think of Mother's Day and Father's Day as bookends bracketing the beginning of the summer season, taking marketing approaches that work for one and using them for the other," say Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing and author of The Gifting Report 2012: The Ultimate Guide to the Consumer Gift-Giving Market. "However, the two holidays are quite different, and the products featured for each should be different as well."

Father's Day is the fourth most popular gifting holiday on the calendar, but the profile of the holiday's gift recipients points to a different target customer. "While two thirds of gifters buy for a close family member - likely their own father, grandfather, or father-in-law - nearly half buy for a spouse or significant other," says Danziger. "It is reasonable to assume that many of these gifters are women who are hitting the stores or logging online to honor all of the men in their lives."

This year more Dads will be gifted fashion, gift cards and food and edible treats, while books and electronics are on the outs

The items that these gifters are shopping for when honoring Dad have also changed since Unity's previous gifting study back in 2010. This year, forget everything you think you know about ties being the boring, go-to gift: Unity's 2012 survey shows that clothing and fashion accessories are given by over one-third of Father's Day gifters, up from under a quarter in the last survey. Gift cards are also gaining popularity, as are consumable gifts, while Father's Day mainstays like books and electronics are seeing a decline.

"The danger for marketers is assuming you know everything there is to know about stocking and promoting gifts for holidays that occur every year," says Danziger. "Tastes change with the times, and it is critical for marketers to understand who shops for gifts for each holiday, how much they typically spend, who their gift recipients are, and how their choice of gifts changes over time."

The Gifting Report 2012 will help you do just that. Packed with up-to-the minute survey detail compared with historic results from previous surveys, this report will prepare marketers for holidays ranging from Valentine's Day to Christmas and gifting occasions from birthday to graduation. It is your indispensable resource for understanding the mind of the 2012 gifting consumer.

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