Time With Natalie - Interview With Dr Michael Payne

Author // Natalie Louise Brown

Time With Natalie - Interview With Dr Michael Payne

In this episode I talk with one of the UK's top cosmetic surgeons, Dr Michael Payne. Also featured in the show is music by Philippa Hanna.

Mr Payne specialised in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery in 2003 in Munich, Germany. He carries out a range of cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK for The Hospital Group, as well as operating in Europe, and has performed thousands of procedures to date.

Cosmetic surgery trends are increasingly sliding towards a natural look, one surgeon has claimed.

Michael Payne, a cosmetic surgeon at The Hospital Group, said: "We are getting increasingly asked for a more natural look and this is very much linked with a modern day celebrity culture."

He added that patients were mentioning names such as Kelly Brook, Jennifer Aniston and Cheryl Cole when describing their preferred body types.

Mr Payne's comments follow a report from the surgery group which claimed that demand for breast enlargements has demonstrated a 52 per cent increase over the past five years.

In addition, a record number of women are reportedly choosing to have breast uplift surgery.

The age profile of clients was also found to have changed. A growing number of women were found by The Hospital Group to be choosing to have bigger breasts.

Mr Payne said: "I still see patients as young as 18 who want a breast enlargement, but I do see a lot of patients who have had their children and want the procedure to make them feel like a woman again."

He noted that the average age among his patients for breast enlargement is 31.

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