• Vintage Pinehurst Golf Resort The Story Of Golf Instruction Begins Rightly In The Medieval Era (No Later Than 1353)


    When golfers adopted the principle of allowing each team to hit a second uninterrupted shot. Previously, teams of players would alternate hitting a ball back and forth across a field.



  • one and only golf resort In Recent Years, Golf  Is One Sport That Has Been Steadily Growing In Popularity


    Men and women of all ages are now hitting the greens for fun and relaxation. Because of the increase in the number of golf enthusiasts, there are now many destinations where people can spend a relaxing vacation.



  • golf-collectibles Sporting events come in different forms


    Tournaments and various gaming events have been developed over the years. There have also been a lot of innovations in the different equipment and gadgets used. These advancements and changes have largely shaped the word of collectibles for any sport, one of which is golf.



  • women golfer with big breastA frank discussion about a sensitive women's issue and how it impacts the golf swing


    For over thirty years, I have dedicated my life to helping golfers of all skill levels gain a better golf swing understanding of the



  • Golfer-woman-in-shorts-MP90 Reading greens is one of the hardest skills in golf to master


    Even if you have perfected your putting stroke and distance control, you will end up missing the target most of the time if you are having problems reading greens. The ability to effectively read greens is more of an art then a science.



  • walter-genuin golf shoe for women If You Are A Woman Golfer, Pick Up A Great Pair Of Golf Shoes For Women From This Fantastic List 


    These incredible styles in golf shoes for women will keep you looking impeccable on the course and off when you want to grab lunch with your friends after a long day on the green!


  • vitamins-for-golfers Can We As Golfers Improve Our Performance By Adding Nutritional Supplements To Our Daily Routine? 


    The Answer Is “Yes.” Diego and I will share with you what research has proven to be the best supplements to help increase strength, prolong endurance, improve mental focus and reduce inflammation in joints and supporting tissue.


  • social-netIntroducing Par Excellence Magazine's Social Networking Community


    Find out what our community is made of. Social networking sites are enormously fun for you to expand your online relationships and network within a vibrant and thriving community!



  • golf-equipment for women Ladies are at a disadvantage when it comes to putting together a set of golf clubs that fits them well 


    If you are a serious golfer and can afford it, the best solution for a great set of ladies golf clubs is to find a certified custom fitter and club maker. The standard, off-the-shelf sets of clubs sold in most shops will only fit a small percentage of the population.


  • Pam-Swensen-EWGAPamela Swensen, CEO, Executive Women's Golf Association Joins the Par Excellence Magazine's Advisory Board


    Ms. Swensen is the “face” of the EWGA to the $76 billion dollar golf industry. The Association connects women to learn, play and enjoy golf for business and for fun.


  • woman swinging a golf club Golf Swing Help: What You Need 


    Most golfers could use a little golf swing help. In fact, most golfers could use tips for the perfect step by step golf swing. Everything can change with the slightest alteration in angle or the tilt of the club. Golf is a game that requires muscle memory and a good trainer can help you with that.



Business Golf For Women - Tips And Advice For Getting The Most Out Of Golf, For Business, Executive, And Career Women 


Golf For WomenRead our articles, tips and guidance on how to play golf for business and leisure purposes, learn about the best golf equipment, etiquette, fashion, apparel, resorts and courses.

Did you know golf as a business tool and for fun is on in the increase. In fact the fastest growing group of golfers is women. Business and executive women are using the game as businessmen did before them - for networking, for entertaining clients, and for making business deals right on the links.

Golf is the only sport that gives you four or five hours of uninterrupted time to talk to a potential business client or buyer and get to know him or her. That's why golf is such a useful skill for any businesswoman to acquire.

Any women who is serious about getting ahead in business needs to look at incorporating golf into her strategy for success. Playing business golf for women offers beautiful settings that are conducive to developing and deepening business relationships. You'll have the time to learn information and characteristics about each other that you might otherwise never have known.

Viva la difference(s)!

Written by Trish Joyce. Posted in Business Golf For Women Golfers

 group of women on golf course

By Trish Joyce, EWGA Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives


As a woman who loves the sport of golf and who has worked in the golf industry for nearly a quarter of a century, it is gratifying to see the golf industry set a clearer course of action to reverse the fall in U.S. golf participation. 


As Gene Yasuda wrote in his May 20th “Inside the Ropes” Golf week column, this “segue into action” comes “after years of talking (and little else)”. To be fair, there have been efforts and programs over the years aimed at juniors, women, new golfers, etc. I concur that by understanding it is going to take more than introducing people to the game, the golf industry is off to a good re-start.

Since Golf 20/20, I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of good things that give me hope.  There is one thing, however, that concerns me so I wish to offer a word of caution.  It has to do with the topic “how to market to women” (or any specific group) which is often spoken about. 

Are You the Women Executive in Your First Golf Event?

Written by Bruce Baird. Posted in Business Golf For Women Golfers

group of women golfers on course

Business golf for executive women


A common concern for the woman executive is the pressure of being the only woman in an office golfing event. Advancement when the glass ceiling is pressing her down may well be at stake in this obligatory golf game. Our executive is expected to be professional and controlled and yet show enough competitive juices to satisfy her male teammates. She may be a women executive back at the office but not on the golf course.

In this business/play setting, a women executive needs to bring to bear all of the professional skills that got her to her position. While participating in her first golf event, she is expected to be competitive. She's not necessarily expected to be in charge. She needs to be controlled, but not necessarily controlling.

Lessons from a Boomer’s (almost) Lifelong Love of Golf

Written by Patricia Joyce. Posted in Business Golf For Women Golfers


By Patricia Joyce
Managing Director, Strategic Initiatives, EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association)


The Teen Years – Other Sports Rule


I grew up the only girl in a sports-minded family.  But it was not a golfing family. In my youth, my perception was that golf was played by those who belonged to country clubs.  Thinking back I can recall some Dads who played but not any of the Moms.

Another impression I recall:  My bewilderment over the fascination of watching televised golf with people hushing other people all the time. To a child, who preferred “action” sports, this was right up there with watching paint dry.

I did play miniature golf and didn’t see the big deal in putting a ball into a hole.  And when my brothers and I did venture to the driving range, our style was more about swinging for the fences than anything resembling finesse.

EWGA’s Fair Way Forward™ Launches Association’s Third Decade

Written by The Executive Women's Golf Association. Posted in Business Golf For Women Golfers


As the Voice for Amateur Women Golfers


Much has changed since one July afternoon in 1991 when 28 women gathered for a golf clinic to begin learning business golf in order to enhance their careers. That small group quickly transformed into a nationwide movement that became the Executive Women’s Golf Association.

Now known as the EWGA and celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, this international organization starts its third decade with the launch of Fair Way Forward™ to advocate for more positive golf course experiences for women.

This advocacy initiative is designed to give golf facilities the insights needed to become more “women friendly” so they can attract and keep more women golfers. For as long as the Executive Women’s Golf Association has existed, the golf industry has considered women as a key growth market for the game of golf. And while some barriers have fallen – such as greater access to Saturday morning tee times – much of the dialog has not resulted in the positive changes women want.

Business Golf – the Original Social Media

Written by Pamela Swensen, CEO, EWGA. Posted in Business Golf For Women Golfers

golf-as-social-mediaTips for Getting the Most Out of Golf for Business


Engaging your customers through social media is the latest mantra of every business guru.


Yet long before the age of Facebook and Twitter, smart business people were using golf as a valuable way to build customer relationships. Where else can you spend four uninterrupted hours with a client or colleague and the only appropriate use of a smart phone is to measure the distance to the green?

In today’s fast paced world, golf as a business tool is often overlooked or considered a sport for an older generation. Yet smart business men and women who want to get ahead, should add golf to their career skill repertoire. Just like building your company’s social media strategy, business golf requires planning and focus. Here are some tips to get the most out of playing golf for business.

The Four F’s of Golf: Fitness, Fresh Air, Friendship and Fun

Written by Pamela Swensen, CEO, EWGA. Posted in Business Golf For Women Golfers


By Pam Swensen
CEO of the Executive Women’s Golf Association


You drive the ball down the fairway, play with fourteen clubs and yell FORE when your ball strays toward another player. Golf is a game with its own language and traditions and offers four compelling reasons to take up the sport – fitness, fresh air, friendship and fun.

Golf Fitness

Think again if the mention of golf conjures up images of pot-bellied players in plaid pants. Studies show that golfers live longer and there are numerous health benefits for those who play the game (business golf included).

A study conducted by a Swedish medical university and published in a 2008 Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports shows the beneficial health effects of golf. Based on data from 300,000 Swedish golfers, the death rate amongst golfers is 40 percent lower than the rest of the population, which equates to an increased life expectancy of five years.


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