How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Written by James O'Connor. Posted in Exercise For Great Health

how to lose belly fat fast

So How Do You Lose Belly Fat Fast? Or, Is There Even A Possible Way For Fast Weight Loss?


As a result of all the myths riddling the industry, the answer is more than simple.

So what exactly are the myths swirling around how to lose stomach fat?

First off, let's clear up some confusion. The stomach is an organ which sits inside your body. It is really belly fat, or abdominal adipose tissue that you are referring to, not stomach fat. However, I do realize you are referring to the extra fat on the mid-section.

Secondly, the big secret on how to lose stomach fat resides in understanding very basic physiological principles of weight loss. You are not going to press a button, and suddenly melt away unwanted fat overnight. Physiologically, it just does not happen that way. Didn't it take time to put on? It is real simple. For one pound of fat loss to occur there must be a caloric deficit of 3,500 calories. Therefore, if you decrease you caloric intake for 7 days by 500 calories, you will lose 1 pound of body fat.

When putting together a physical fitness program it is important to understand that spot reduction is physiologically not feasible. Doing abdominal crunches does not mean only belly fat will melt away. Body fat comes off throughout your entire body. By working one section doesn't mean fat will come off only in that targeted area. Please be clear on this concept!

So now you are clear on the fat lose myths, and are ready to discover how to lose belly fat right now.

4 Basic Principles For Fast Body Fat Loss:

1. Set realistic weight loss goals.

By following the tips revealed in this weight loss article you will begin to burn belly fat as quickly as physiologically possible.

Remember, the key on how to lose belly fat fast is to understand it is a process, and not a quick fix sprint. That means patience. It is a marathon not a sprint, but you will get there quicker than you think if you keep a focused mindset. Expect fat loss at a rate of 1-2 pounds a week maximum. Yes, fat will be extracted from your whole body including the belly fat you desperately want to shed.

The trick on how to lose belly fat quickly is to possess a mindset of long term. Be patient! Fat loss results are a marathon, and not a sprint. So please develop that mindset.

Your goal should be to lose between one to two pounds of fat each week. This will ensure fat will not only melt away from your midsection, but also the rest of your body.

Part of the goal setting process is the development of a weight loss success mindset. This mindset is about focusing on a lifestyle change, and thinking long term, not quick fix. If you want to keep your abdominal fat off, you must continue eating a healthy minded, calorie aware diet for the rest of your life. Most dieters don't really understand this simple concept. It is all about long term, and lifestyle.

2. Decrease your caloric intake by 500 each day.

Another important tip regarding how to lose stomach fat is be fully aware of what you are putting into your mouth. I recommend keeping a food journal so you realize exactly how calorie dense certain foods are that you eat. Portion size is another big culprit of obesity. It is important to keep a close eye on portion size. How large are your potions? Bigger portions equal more calories!

Ask yourself the question of where you can reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories each day. There are calorie dense foods, and too large of portion size that can be modified to reach your goal.

If you really want to utilize one of the most important success secrets on how to lose stomach fat fast, then you will constantly be aware of the amount of calories you put into your mouth on a daily basis.

3. Incorporate an effective, efficient physical fitness program.

One of the success traits on how to burn belly fat is to follow a consistent, long term fat loss exercise program.

The best fat burning fitness program is one that is comprised of the exercise components of cardiovascular, strength, and a flexibility. In order to burn fat fast you need all three. One of the benefits of weight loss exercise is to burn off a portion of the 3500 calories which equals a pound of fat.

Fat loss exercise program guidelines include doing cardiovascular training 3 -5 times a week, and also strength training twice a week. The total workout time can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 plus hours each week, depending upon the exercise intensity.

4. Consistency is king in order to reach your weight loss goals.

Just remember, how to lose belly fat fast is a process which requires patience, consistency, and implementing the tips mentioned above. It is important to set mini-goals which leads to your ultimate fat loss goal. Work, day by day, in order to reach your goal.

The truth about how to lose belly fat is it should not be as complicated as people make it. As long as you extinguish the fiction that swirls through the fat loss industry, and follow these 4 key principles, you will be well on your way towards weight loss success.


About the Author

James O'Connor is an exercise physiologist specializing in helping people reach their absolute physical best in the least amount of time. Visit his popular fitness tips blog to discover the fitness program secrets.


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