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Unity Marketing offers a special trial of its Luxury Consumer Tracking Study to new subscribers risk-free 

The market for luxury goods, services, and experiences is growing ever more competitive. As the luxury market continues to heat up, market research is no longer an option; it is an absolute necessity. The fact is: The luxury marketer with the most knowledge wins!

Luxury marketers need to know all there is to know about their customers and potential customers.  They must stay vigilant in tracking the shifts, turns, and changing preferences among the affluent consumer market.  They need up-to-the-minute data, as well as a historical perspective, to anticipate the next major luxury business opportunity or branding challenge. But conducting the regular, routine research needed to identify shifts in the luxury market is extremely costly and time consuming.

Unity Marketing offers a cost-effective market research solution for luxury marketers.  A syndicated luxury consumer tracking study that measures luxury consumers' purchases and brand preferences every quarter.  Brought to you by internationally renowned luxury marketing expert Pam Danziger, Unity Marketing's Luxury Consumer Tracking Study is a vital tool to gain new insight and understanding about the luxury market.

Special No-Risk Trial Offer for New Subscribers

New subscribers to the Luxury Consumer Tracking Study can take advantage of a special no-risk offer on a trial subscription to the service that can be rolled over into a full year of the service at a reduced cost.  New subscribers may purchase a trial of a single quarter of the study for $2,500 which will include customization of the tracking study to fit your product and brand preference needs.  This offer carries no commitment to subscribe for the full year.

Once the subscriber experiences the powerful insights available in the Luxury Consumer Tracking Study, they may subscribe for an entire year (an additional four quarters) for $10,000 – that is a 25 percent savings off the normal annual subscription cost of $12,500.

New subscribers will therefore get five quarters of luxury tracking for the normal list price for four.  In effect, you will receive one a quarter for free.

What Luxury Tracking Subscribers Get:

Subscribers will receive:

Luxury Consumer Tracking Survey quarterly analysis report of what 1,000-1,250 affluent consumers bought in the past three months, what they plan to buy in the next three months, how much they spent and their brand preferences. Each subscriber will have their brands and up to five or six key competitor brands included in the survey. The survey questionnaire is also customized to each subscribers specific product and service categories.

Luxury Market Report, 2007 - Who Buys Luxury, What They Buy, Why They Buy Year-end summary of luxury consumer purchases and spending, covering trend years 2005-2006 consumer purchases. This annual report represents $3,500 value.

Access to Unity Marketing's affluent consumer survey panel.

Subscribers can access this affluent consumer survey panel for customized market research projects. Costs to be calculated separately.

Half-price discount on all other Unity Marketing reports ordered.


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