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The ADvantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners - Women Business Owners Tours


She spends over $6 Trillion dollars a year. She buys over 80% of all consumer goods. And, frankly, she'd love to buy from a kindred company like yours. That's why the ADvantage Marketplace is the ideal place for you to advertise.

The ADvantage Marketplace – the new online Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners – has the power to connect you with the 82.5+ million women who use the Internet. You could spend a fortune searching for her. Or you can meet her at the ADvantage Marketplace. You've discovered your best advertising opportunity! 

Add Your Business Listing To Our Advantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses!


  • directory-business-address Promote Your Company

    Reach Local, In-Market, National Or Global Customers, And Tap Into The Enormous Spending Power Of Women

    By having a business profile in the ADvantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners you open your business up to in-market as well as global customers searching for women owned businesses.

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to be found by customers searching for and wanting to support women owned businesses.

  • directory-business-profile Highlight Your Company Information And Value Propositions

    A company profile on Par Excellence Magazine's ADvantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners is like a micro-website. Highlight the benefits of working with you and purchasing your products or services.

  • directory-business-location Provide Users With Mapped Location Information If Required

    With a woman owned business profile on the ADvantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners, users can see your location(s) geo-mapped in addition to all pertinent contact information and social media contact information.

  • directory-logo Upload a Photo or Graphic Logo

    Business owners can upload either a photo or graphic to be displayed with each listing.

    Load either a photo or logo into the ADvantage MarketplaceDirectory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners that will be displayed with your company details information.

  • directory-user-profile Connect With Customers

    Send Newsletters And Keep In Touch With Customers

    Users can subscribe to your newsletter via your website link and you can easily keep them informed with news, events, and promotions.

  • directory-advanced-search The ADvantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners offers Advanced Search Feature

    Visitors can search by any field. A standard feature which includes search by category, zip code, street, city, state and country.

  • directory-rating-system Let Your Customers Provide Feedback

    Let your customers do the selling! The ADvantage MarketplaceDirectory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners allows your customers to recommend you to others.

    Through our ratings system, satisfied customers can leave ratings which are motivational sales tools as well as a great way to get valuable customer feedback.

  • directory-visits Real Time Visitor Statistics

    Track the number of times your business listing has been viewed as well as the number of unique visitors.

    Real useful information - see your business growing!

  • directory-photo-gallery Create A Photo Gallery

    Upload Photos

    Easily upload photos (an upgrade feature) of your staff, products, events, location, etc... to bring life to your profile and personality to your business.

  • directory-photo-slideshow Display Photos in a Slideshow

    Display your uploaded photos (an upgrade feature) in a slideshow setting.

    Viewing visitors can pause slideshow whenever they wish.

  • product-view2 Showcase Your Products And Services

    Highlight your featured products and services and open your doors to local in-market, national and global customers looking for products and services from a kindred women owned businesses.

    Add title and description to images.

  • directory-visits Integrate Other Social Media Accounts

    Are you managing other social media accounts like a Facebook Fan Page or Twitter account?

    Don't worry, the Par Excellence Magazine ADvantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners embraces nearly all of the major forms of social media and allows you to connect all the "social media dots" on your personal business profile.

  • directory-business-events Create Events

    Having a sale or event? Now you can get the word out!

    Report your events in your own events module located in the "Details" view of your company profile. An Events Calendar is a standard feature of your ADvantage Marketplace listing.

  • directory-natalie-video Upload Videos


    Easily upload commercials and video clips for your customers to get a dynamic and exciting feel for your company, product and services. 

    You can upload videos to your Advantage Marketplace listing as well as in our Social Networking Community.

  • directory-messaging Send And Receive Private Messages


    Join the Social Networking Community and communicate directly with users who have also joined via our easy and intuitive private messaging system.

    With our built-in technology, it's possible to contact multiple members simultaneously, as well as sub-groups and individuals.

    Messages can be sent to multiple members at the same time.

  • directory-community-blog Keep New And Existing Customers Informed By Blogging


    Blogs are the rage for people and businesses alike.

    Take advantage of the trend by blogging about your company or industry to build credibility, establish relationships, and get the word out about your company, products and services.

    Every member gets their own blog. Members can embed videos, YouTube videos and photos into their blogs.

    A feature of our Social Networking Community!

  • email-print-pdf Save to Favourites, Send To Friend, Print or Save as PDF


    The ADvantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners allows visitors to help you to promote your business to friends, colleagues, business partners and family in several different ways!