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Message From Our Executive Director

about par excellence magazine.comMeet the nation’s top tier of sophisticated, professional, upscale women. They’re the thousands of women visitors who read Par Excellence

With Par Excellence Magazine, we have joined forces with some of the most powerful women’s organizations in America to create a publication designed to enhance women’s lives, and to connect women to other women.

Like its readers, Par Excellence is sophisticated, multifaceted and passionate reaching executive women in their prime earning and spending years.

Unlike other women’s titles, Par Excellence is not a magazine for readers on the way up. It’s the publication for the woman who’s arrived - who knows what she wants, and has the professional influence and financial clout to make it happen. It’s for the woman who wants the best in all areas of her life, whether on the course, in the office or on the town. Having earned her place at the top, she now takes her leisure time as seriously as her boardroom time, and wants to reward herself with the accessories, styles and products that showcase her sophisticated taste. And, since she’s in her prime earning and spending years, they have the interest - and the means - to purchase the best products and services available.

Par Excellence devotes itself to meeting the many needs of this demanding reader. Leading editors and guest writers offer readers exclusive advice not only on enjoying a successful career and growing a thriving business but also how to get more enjoyment out of life. Other articles carry the voices that these readers respect most: their peers.


About Our Executive Director: 

Dr. Dali Edwards is a co-founder as well as  Executive Director of Par Excellence She was born in the Republic of Georgia where she gained her degree of a Doctor of Medicine with Honors from the Tbilisi State Medical University. Dr. Edwards is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Republic of Georgia and Kyrgyzstan where she completed her postgraduate training in OB/GYN and worked a number of years. She is a practising doctor in the United Kingdom and is also an ECFMG certified Medical Doctor currently seeking a residency training position in the USA to pursue her medical career in America as she is married to an American.

Dr. Edwards is also the Founder and CEO of Women In Medicine Magazine that promotes and empowers women in the medical profession.

Dr. Edwards is inspired by promoting women's issues within and outside medicine. Being the Executive Director of Par Excellence Magazine is another great opportunity for her to utilize her distinctive ability to come up with the next great breakthrough "thing to do" and inspire others for the satisfaction of her life-long ambition to make a diference in supporting and empowering women worldwide.